Beware Pigheadedness

Ecclesiastes 4:13 “Better is a poor and a wise child than an old and foolish king, who will no more be admonished.”

Why is it so hard for some, especially men, to take heed to advice or listen to instruction?  Why is it that this truth has become a source of a standing joke about men…willing to get lost while driving vs stopping to ask direction?  Why are we so reluctant to seek and/or receive advice?  Does having to receive guidance cause us to feel less manly?  Could it be because we have unrealistic views of manhood?  A man left to his own devices, or one who falls in love with his own thoughts is dangerous!  Everyone has blind spots, and men tend to have a few more because of our unwillingness to listen to the voices around us.  We have a greater propensity to justify our actions no matter what the impact to those around us or the circumstances we face.  Rambo is a fictitious character…certainly not the model of a true man.  Yes, there is an aspect of manliness that needs to be able to stand against injustice, even if it means standing alone…but this is not the norm.  God has placed someone else within our sphere of acquaintances to be of help to us.  In fact, it is through strong relationships with other men and a willingness to humble ourselves and to listen to good advice, that our manliness is strengthened! “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” (Proverbs 27:17)   Sometimes the older we get, the less flexible and pigheaded we become.  Don’t let this be how others describe you.  Embrace the truth that none of us “know it all” and by staying humble and flexible, we become stronger, better versions of who we can/should be.