Don’t Trouble Your House!

Proverbs 11:29 “He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind:…”

What kind of home environment do you create? Is home a place of safety, security, love, and acceptance? Is it a place where your wife and children want to be? Even if you’re not married, is the place you call home a place of peace? Men have a tremendous impact on the quality of home life, playing the leading role in setting its tone. That tone can be positive and affirming, or negative and deflating. Failure to create a positive environment, whether by abdication or absence, leads to trouble and brokenness in the family, with significant negative consequences for all. Wives feel unloved, daughters unprotected, and sons un-affirmed. Left unchecked, the end result will be a legacy of…“wind.” Remember, our families need more from us than money, food, and shelter…they need a strong, nurturing, peaceful, and inspiring environment – led by us. This is how we create a legacy that has value and substance…not just “air.”